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Real Estate Marketing Trends Ideal For The Year 2018

Real estate is an industry where people invest more energy, time and money for online marketing and generating leads. So, it is very essential to benchmark marketing efforts. Prime focus of ant real estate marketer is to grow leads – first they acquire potential buyers and finally convert them to sales. Thus, they are looking towards content marketing strategy because they are highly effective engine for lead generation.


  • Focusing on generating leads, nurturing and converting

Real estate professionals concentrate on creating leads, nurturing them and ultimately converting them to sales. This is evident from the results of aggregate goals of the industry.

A survey was conducted asking people about their main objective for 2018. 40.3% respondents want to generate more leads than the previous year. 21.8% want to improve the quality of their leads. 23% wants to improve their client conversion rate than 2017. 14.9% aim at learning how to make better qualified prospects.

So, all of them ultimately move in the same path.

  • Challenges

Together with focusing on objectives, understanding challenges of the industry also provide valuable insight. 46.4% professionals opine that generating substantial amount of quality leads is the greatest challenge they face in 2018. 24.9% will focus on finding the correct marketing tool. 23.4% will try to generate new business from leads and 5.3% will concentrate on analyzing marketing performance.

  • Video

In 2018, of any business wishes to get extensive exposure then it should use video, a popular marketing tactic. What is the role of video in marketing strategy? 49.5% are of the opinion that video is the focal point. 43.7% say that they will use it some time and to 6.8% video is not interesting.

However, real estate industry is welcoming video marketing. No need to have a production studio or lighting or a costly camera. Your smartphone is enough for capturing video for social media.

  • Social Media

This has become a very popular platform for all kinds of advertising. Which social media network do people prefer? 84.6% will point to Facebook, 11.9% stays with Instagram, 1.6% vote for Twitter and 1% for Snapchat and Pinterest.

For real estate marketing, Facebook is the right choice. It has an extended user base and also has strong mobile presence. Facebook allows you to give sophisticated algorithm and location-specific advertising so that business can reach their target audience.

Having known all these, which marketing trend will you focus on?