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Essential Social Media Marketing Tactics for Financial Marketers

Essential Social Media Marketing Tactics for Financial Marketers

Finance is a core community in our society. How finance firms use content and social media marketing to stay ahead of its competitors? This advanced marketing tool delivers short sales cycles, better customer relations and more prospects. Selling financial service in today’s world requires more of personal touch, more personality and more stories. This is because financial service is incredibly getting innovative.


  • Stand out from the crowd with Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is an important social networking site for businesses. This social platform has around 1 billion active users monthly. It is highly beneficial for finance marketers because business engagement and its quality on Instagram are much higher. Moreover, this social media platform consists of positive stories, fun memes and inspiring photographs than marketing contents. In other words, it is a wonderful place for wealth advisors, insurance, lenders and banks.

  • Take opportunities of Facebook

Recently, several changes have taken place in the news feed of Facebook. These changes have been a trend on this social media making it hard for businesses to have an organic display on this platform. However, this is not new. If a business can adapt to these changes and grab the opportunity Facebook provides, it can stay ahead of competition.

These recent Facebook changes have increased the value of its ad platform. Businesses have to use more ads as they are a great tool in social media. Facebook ads also lower the cost of customer acquisition. Besides this, there are other changes in news feed of Facebook –

  • Contents are important. Post contents that generate discussions and comments, otherwise content will fail.
  • Don’t post just for the sake of posting. Post less and get more comments.
  • Use live videos instead of contents. It will generate more comments.
  • Search new ways of pushing the target audience to a particular Facebook post.
  • Treat every post on Facebook as a mini campaign whose goal is to generate comments.


  • Follow LinkedIn trends

LinkedIn is a very important platform for finance marketing. Advisors and agents can professionally connect to one-on-one with existing and new customers through this channel. However, LinkedIn keeps on changing its platform and therefore, businesses have to keep track of those changes to stand out.

It has recently opened ‘native video’ where audience engagement number is pretty good in comparison to other platforms. Again, LinkedIn is improving LinkedIn Groups and trying to show it up on main stream. This will give a privilege to finance firms.

  • Don’t ignore YouTube

With Instagram, Twitter and Facebook dominating the marketing zone, people tend to forget YouTube. Videos have great power in educating and building trust amongst potential customers. YouTube and Facebook are the two powerful video channels that create online presence of finance brands. Many in finance industry do not realize it and fail to take advantage of it.

  • Pay Attention to Public Parts

Together with Google and Facebook, potential customers trust online review sites more than advertising and messaging of a business. Testimonials and online reviews are public record of business transactions with the customers. Document the sites where public give reviews about your business. Monitor those sites and encourage positive reviews and mitigate the negative ones.

  • Make trustworthy video strategy

Video is certainly the most appealing content opportunity. People think that YouTube is the only video marketing platform but it is not so. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook also provide compelling options for video marketing.

So, these are some of tips for financial marketers to stay ahead of competitors in the web world.

Five Useful And Effective Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

Five Useful And Effective Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

Businesses have many effective ways to promote their merchandise and services online. Whatever the way a business chooses, the ultimate goal should be to increase its website incoming traffic as well as to earn more leads. However, among the available techniques, social media is considered the most helpful and effective channel to promote your products and services. This is because it has the ability to boost public consciousness of your brand, promote a strong relationship with your customers,as well asto improve the ranking of your website in search engines. If you are an owner of a small business and looking for a way to promote your business through social media, then this blog is for you. Go through it further to attain your business goals.

  1. Dedicate Yourself To Social Media

As an entrepreneur, if you want to run your small business successfully, focus completely on social media. Get start by creating an effective social media plan and record it to hold your business responsible. Ensure that you plan should contain a mission statement of your company, content plan,as well asthe goals of your company. Your mission statement should include the reason for following you on the social media and what do you expect to achieve.

  1. Demonstrate Your Qualities On Social Media

The next effective social media tip for you is creating a grand social media existence, besides demonstrating your merchandise and services to your viewers. It is all about relationships and experiences, meaning share a common opinion with your fans.

  1. Listen To Clients Instead Of Promoting Your Business

By doing so, you will be capable of building the best social media programs. Social media is turningout to be a customer service gateway and people are visiting to expect it. The delicate part is, the more you get to social the more meeting you will get, which, in turn, will fetch you more comments. Therefore, prepareyourself for an arrival of love from your social media fans.

  1. Pay Your Attention To Selected Networks

Social media networks are similar togleaming new objects. People want to be everywhere promptly and try everything for the reason that they are positive that the network will be the ideal one for them. However, the truth is that people are actually leashed for resources. Therefore, if you pay your attention to social media networks, then you can setyourself up for a long way ahead.

  1. Keep In Mind That Success Follows Fervor

If you want to develop your business through social media, you have to bear in your mind that passion will aid you considerably in generating a great and unforgettable content. The solitary way to guarantee long-term dedication and that social media does not turn out to be a burden is to follow your fervor.