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How Some Digital Marketing Freelancers Cheat Small Business Owners in Kolkata?

How Some Digital Marketing Freelancers Cheat Small Business Owners in Kolkata?

The freelancers have number of excuses not to work on time. The errors can be repeated as well. But, the digital agency with experts can provide flawless service within your time schedule.

Many freelancers are available to provide Digital Marketing Services to companies and business owners. You don’t need to employ or pay them salary on a regular basis. But, are they trustworthy? Will they meet their deadline as per the promise? This is where the digital agency plays a wonderful role. You will get your work done without waiting for long hours. Sometimes, freelancers are so much involved with other organization that they don’t get chance to concentrate on a specific task. This lads to errors and decline in quality of work.

What Makes A Businessman Decline The Freelancers?

Some businessmen hire freelancers as they don’t have much obligation about paying a salary with benefits of employment. Also, they don’t need a place to do their job. Freelancers work from home or from any other place to accomplish their job. But, recently, the traders found many flaws in such freelancers. Following are the points for this:

1.       Overlooking Mistakes

The freelancers do make a lot of mistakes. It is fine to ignore the first mistake. But, if they do this for a regular basis, this can lead to problems in business establishment. Some repeated errors in the work can be another issue.

2.       Difficult To Reach The Freelancers

Normally the Digital marketing freelancers work from home. Sometimes some employers or the owner of the company don’t know their address also. Everyday they work and submit task. But, one day when they can’t send the work within time, you become tensed. Even there is no information. You don’t know your contact details except email and phone. How will you reach them?

3.       Lame Excuse

The freelances tends to make variety of excuses. This can be starting from problem in internet connection to sickness of someone in the family. In most of the cases, the excuses are note genuine. They are the absolute lame excuse. When you realise this, declining the freelances will be the only option.

Removing Freelancers Without Hurting Them

When you realize, the freelancers are cheating you, the only thing you can do is saying no to their services. But, this might make them hurt. But, with your soft skill you can easily let them go without hurting their feelings. But, you can always help them out dealing with their actual problem in their personal life. But, if nothing works, you must announce that bad news to them.  But, always try to appreciate his/her quality before firing.

A Detailed Study About Mobile App Marketing Agencies In Kolkata, India

A Detailed Study About Mobile App Marketing Agencies In Kolkata, India

The start of the 21st century has seen rapid progress in the technology sector. Not only in computers and networking but also with a new idea: the smartphone. Moreover, its use has seen a tremendous rise in the present. Aeons ago, mobile was operated to call and text. However, this has changed. The primary factor, why humans are so interested in mobile phones is because of the apps they use. From songs, games to social media, there are numerous apps in the app store.

Apps have become a cult for users.Hence, app manufacturers are advertising aggressively. Therefore, thegame is to take the lead on the digital platform, and that’s difficult. Hence, to help in the digital game, Plan D Media has stepped in.This company is one of the top digital marketing agencies that can flourish the digital business. Together with Plan D, there are various others on the line.

Below top three mobile app marketing agencies are listed:-

  1. Plan D Media- Based in Kolkata, this marketing agency is the top player in the digital game. Though this is a two-year-old company, yet its success rate is unmatched. Plan D’s work encompasses PPC, SEO and Content Marketing. Their goal not only validates creating opportunities and profits but also good ROI to its customers. This 360-degree digital agency has a lot more to offer than its competitors and is also known as Digital and SEO Agency. Plan D has finished various projects within these two years. Hence, they have good knowledge and expertise relating to the latest market trends.
  2. Dot Com Infoway or DCI- Dot Com Infoway’s salient feature is its commitment towards variety. According to them, to make an app more noticeable, they post about it on social media platforms and in top tech sites such as TechCrunch,Life Hacker and others. As a marketing agency, they not only promote apps on iOS and Play Store but they have different marketing category for gaming apps. DCI works for mobile app developers, mobile game developers, mobile start-ups and various global enterprises.
  3. AppDexterity- This particular marketing agency provides result oriented solutions. However, they got certified by Google and Bing which takes them to a place higher. They offer SEO, SMO services and can efficiently brand multiple designs.Moreover, all of the above services are cost-effective. AppDexterity optimises the app store by using multiple CSS features.Apart from its usual services, AppDexterity also offers knowledge in their blog on various digital marketing elements.
Top 3 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Most of the errands of both individuals, as well as businesses mainly performed on the Internet. It is the ultimate destination, where most businesses, ranging from well established to startups to home businesses carry out their daily transactions or functions in an effective way.  The thing that keeps everybody involved and linked online is the social media. It has turned out to be an immense tool for digital promotion as well as to contact the audiences of the businesses. In this competitive world, it is vital to have a healthy online existence for businesses. Here only the leading Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata lend their helping hand to these businesses. Here are three leading Social Media marketing agencies in Kolkata on whom you can count on for promoting your merchandise and services.

  1. Webaholic

Webaholic is considered the topmost Social Media marketing agency in Kolkata. It aids both small as well as medium-sized businesses to have a powerful online existence. The agency creates not only responsive and attractive websites for these businesses, but it also has the ability to design an attractive logo for them. It also assists businesses considerably in company branding as well as offering effective and affordable e-Commerce solutions. The major goal of Webaholic is to create a user-friendly website for its corporate customers and helps them with updating and upgrading their website constantly with the most recent technologies. The agency has a team of skilled and experienced team of web designers and programmers, offering high-quality services. They have a staunch belief in offering well-timed delivery of projects of the highest quality through their effective and resourceful SEO as well as social media marketing plans.

The business is now functioning at 33/22A Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road, Kolkata. You can reach them at 9088046470

  1. Webmoghuls

Webmoghuls is the second leading social media marketing agency in Kolkata. It is considered the one-stop marketing agency that will take a dedicated care of the entire online marketing needs of corporate customers. The business has a strong team that consists of technically and innovatively empowered marketing professionals.  They will offer their services to make sure that their customers will get the best possible results at the best prices. The vision of the agency is to offer high-quality work at the lowest price to their customers.

You can visit the business in person at 25, Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata or contact them over the phone at 90073 20481.

  1. Seven Boats

Seven Boats, which is third largest and the most reputable Social Media Marketing Agency In Kolkata, is an approved firm, offering a comprehensive service in digital marketing.  The professional marketing team of the business is dedicated to offering resourceful marketing plans and executing them in an effective way to meet the social media marketing goals of their customers. The business has clients all over the world as well as across different industries. They aid businesses substantially in promoting their merchandise and services through social media promotion, and SEO according to their needs.

If you would like to hire their services, you can visit their office at AC-147, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. The contact number of the business is 8017049042 and 033-40016612