Know The 10 Impending Startup Companies That Will Cram The Kolkata City

Know The 10 Impending Startup Companies That Will Cram The Kolkata City

Kolkata is popularly referred to as the City of Joy, as it is renowned for its trams, ambassador taxis, massive Howrah Bridge, Bengali sweets, and much more. However, when it comes to startup companies, unlike earlier, the city is currently getting many startup businesses set up by many promising capitalists, besides the existing ones. Here are the recently established startup businesses in Kolkata that will add an extra feather to its hat.

  1. BuyHatke

BuyHatke is the most renowned online price evaluation engine. It was started by budding capitalists Gaurav Dahake, Srikanth Sethumadhavan, and Prashant Singh. The business was set up with the main intention of countering the problem of discovering the best price for all products that are sold online. The business has heaved one million USD in seed funding.

  1. SIBIA Analytics

SIBIA Analytics is a cloud-hosted prognostic analytics solution start-up business, which was established by Angshuman Bhattacharya . It provides concurrent intelligence through profound prognostic modeling and offers resolution enabling tools. They mostly work with trade and customer brands.

  1. MindHour

MindHour is an ed-tech startup company, gamifying the education experience from class VI to class X students. These students can get high scores without much effort, as MindHour makes education addictive. The business is bootstrapped and it has administered to get 10,000 users.

  1. iKure Techsoft

It is a healthcare startup business. It designs technology that can be applied to offering healthcare services to the rustic people at affordable prices. The company, which is led by Sujay Santra, has urbanized domestic software, allowing remote people to get the required treatments where access to clinics and hospitals is restricted.

  1. Surgerica

It is one of the startup businesses in Kolkata, which was started by Amit Bhagat. The major aim of the business is to bring clearness to the healthcare industry in India. Users will be capable of browsing the website of the company to seek the best hospitals and doctors.

  1. Wow! Momo

The founders of Wow! Momo startup company are Binod Homagai and Sagar Daryani. It was started with the intention of transforming ‘momos’ into an expanded product category. With the initial investment of INR 30,000, the business has now turned out to be the most profitable one in Kolkata. The company has plans to expand its outlets to 60 during the next couple of years. IAN or  Indian Angel Network publicized its venture in Kolkata-based ‘Wow! Momo’, which is valued at more than 16 million US Dollars.

  1. Outbox

Juvenile, first-time entrepreneurs established this Kolkata start-up business. Outbox is committed to offering a stress-free experience of delivery of cakes, gift items, as well as flowers in Kolkata. The business is operated by a call center, it has had a superior start, and it shows the potential to assume different routes for increasing and receiving the hyperlocal wave available in the Kolkata city. The coupon codes of the business will deliver an immense deal of reductions in prices on all items that customers may choose to purchase. The business is celebrated for delivering its products online throughout the world.

  1. Fashionove

Fashionove is one of the startup companies in the Indian city of Kolkata. It was jointly established by Tanushree Khandelwal and Sharad Kumar. It is a locality-based hyperlocal style search as well as a review gateway. The business is devoted to connecting buyers with local self-governing fashion boutiques and stores. The business has started in beta with more than 800 boutiques and it has raised an angel round from the Indian cricket celebrity, Umesh Yadav. Shoppers will be connected to renowned textile stores in the city to buy clothes according to the latest trends to fit their style, taste, and of course, their budget.

  1. Justshop24

Healthy rivalry in e-commerce is definitely a symptom of a promising tech ecosystem. JustShop24, which was established by Chetan Sethi, Utkarsh Lohia, and Porav Jain, is an e-commerce portal. With the nominal subscription of INR 175 per month, the business offers various services that go beyond the subscription amount.   It is committed to providing its customers with a professional and dedicated doorstep delivery service of groceries in Howrah and Kolkata. The business is bootstrapped and is dedicated to making in excess of 30 deliveries per day. Justshop24 has currently turned out to be the most sought-after online grocery destination amid many people in Kolkata. This is for the reason that it offers an attractive discount of 10% of the total billing cost.

  1. Packr and Paaltao

Packr and Paaltao are the two separate startup companies that were founded by the same capitalist, Aryan Das. These two businesses have the same origins. Packr is a logistics business that offers an on-demand service and assists customers significantly in delivering all items that are considered legal to all parts of India. On the other hand, Paaltao is also a start-up business that markets organic, handmade as well as vintage goods.

Google Algorithm Updates And Its Role In Pushing The Search Result 2019 High Up

Google Algorithm Updates And Its Role In Pushing The Search Result 2019 High Up

If you are having a web present and wish to get your website high up to the search engine, the Google algorithm updates will be the best idea. This can give you some tips to improve your rank in search engine.

The search result of one organization may vary. If your website is set among the top 5 today, it might drop to 50th one after a month. Google has set up certain parameters on the basis of which the top rankers are categorised. If you cannot maintain the same rules for a long time, it may not have very favourable result. Research says that, the Google algorithm updates can effect there result of search engine. Even the most demanding websites have fallen back with the changes in Google algorithm.

Algorithm changes impact on B2B organization

As per the data of few content marketing companies, the impact of Google algorithm changes has the downward slope. The rank has also dropped with the new Google update. This is however a written statement from the back links monitor. The site is actually losing its rank. This is really a problem as SEO experts are unable to make prediction on the upcoming update on the Google algorithm. There will be useful insights with the SEO strategy.

Types of Google updates

One can come across different types of Google updates. Following are the name and few details on it.

  • Broad core updates

There are times when Google will announce about the update suddenly. But, Google won’t give any specific update on the actual goal of this update. This is normally very common. Both this update is known to make the SEO professional pick up hose names that become shorthand. Some of the examples associated with it are Pigeon, Fred and Medic

  • Official named updates

This is quite popular as Google announces these updates in many media sources. This is quite big update according to Google. These updates get great coverage from business publication and SEO.  Some of the names associated with it are Pirate, Penguin, Panda, etc. These have specific goals. For example, since the previous algorithm of Google had some issues, these updates were incorporated.

  • Smaller functionality updates

Google also go ahead with the updates related to specific type of functionality. This is known as the smaller functionality updates. There are specific types of goals. Some of these updates help in speeding up the update procedure to make a priority of loading things quickly. In order to proceed with the ranking signals, Google updates also helps in going ahead with mobile friendly updates. Another type is called the snipped update. This will give an effect on when and how the showing up of featured snipped takes place.

  • The brackets update

There has been a core update which is dubbed and known as the brackets update. This has been inspired by the brackets named as basketball’s March madness. This has a great focus on improvement of quality content.

  • Functionality update

There was a release of an update from Google that is known as the mobile speed update. This is very well associated with the ranking factor. This update has made Google a perfect ranking factor.

The tips to keep ranking up in Google search engine in the year 2019

Google algorithm update is an important phenomenon in this regard. Also, the strategy in SEO is another consideration over here. Also the recommendations are quite necessary when you are going to get at the top among the top rank of google search engine.

  1. Responsiveness of website

It is not always important that your website is responsive on the desktop. Rather, mobile is an important consideration. If your website does not open in mobile, this won’t attract more traffic.

  1. Demanding topics

If your website is informative and you deal with contents, choose the topic that is used by the mass. You need to go ahead with the research and find out the topics and the keyword that has great inference.

  1. Site speed

You need to see how speedy your site is. If it take a long time in loading your image or any page within your website, the visitors will become absolutely bore. Thus, they won’t wait longer and will approach any other website. That might be your competitor’s website.

  1. Quality content

One of the vital phenomenons to make your website stay among top 10 in the Google search engine is the high quality content. If your matter is attractive and have a touch of quality, people will automatically view it.

  1. Look at analytics

How would you know on the foot falls of your visitors in your website? It is only possible if you observe your Google analytics. You can see the detail of the visitor stepping in your site. Even it is possible to know their country and the device they are using to access your website.

It might not be possible for us to predict the future. But, it is very well possible to study the past Google updates. This however will provide some idea about it.

How to Monetize Blogs and Earn Online in Kolkata? Some Useful Tips and Techniques

How to Monetize Blogs and Earn Online in Kolkata? Some Useful Tips and Techniques

This blog talks about the various ways to monetize blogs showing readers the best way to make blogging one of the best ways to cushion up one’s financial sphere. Give it a read to find out more!

There is a lot of content to be found online these days, and it has become a dream for marketers to sell their services / products online by drawing a lot of traffic. Writing a blog appears to be among the most time and effort consuming tasks, although it can generate a lot of revenues. Here are some useful tips to monetize a blog and earn online.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

You can easily join an affiliate program offered today, and make money through commissions offered on every action, lead or sale that you present to a specific website. You can earn with a few of the topmost brands across the globe, without inventory holding or direct order processing.

Put Google Adsense advertisements

This is a type of advertising program from Google that lets website owners and bloggers earn by showing ads. Ad publishers can get a pay-per-click commission each time visitors click on the ads displayed on the websites. Google serves ads based on the content on the ad publishers’ websites – ads showing the products/ services that target audiences search for.

Become a Native Advertiser

These are the various content references that people can read through or click on when they scroll down media site or news website pages. These days, Taboolaempower, Revcontent, Outbrain and other famous content networks display content marketing and native advertising across the World Wide Web. This is among the best ways to drive traffic to websites and blogs and gain revenues over time.

Sell your Ad Space, directly

There is also the option of direct ad selling, which can help ad publishers to take 100% of the earnings from their website. However, those who want to make money from direct ad sales have to get in touch with advertisers who are prepared to pay for showing ads on the ad space on your site. You can track advertisers easily by checking the pages of your competitor’s website and whether any advertisers are present already on their websites. You may contact such advertisers and propose ad placement on your website.

Try Selling Digital Courses

You may also earn by online sales of digital courses. Begin to create useful and spontaneous courses to add more value, and ensure that the rest goes on smoothly. With dedicated focus on such courses, you may have them sold on autopilot. This can be a fantastic way to make income through passive earning. Courses on graphic designing, web development, digital marketing etc are wonderful, as are those on accounting, stocks, finances and currency investing. Think about your strength area to create your course.

Sell your Books through blog

With eBooks, you can make a lot of money from your blog online. Develop an eBook that is thematically similar to your blog’s content. Those on non-fiction topics are usually more convenient to develop. If you wish to teach a specific skill that the majority of online users tend to have difficulty with and want to become an expert in, you are likely to make optimal profits with your eBook.

You may also promote your eBook directly through your blog by preparing content that is interesting to read, can direct more visitors to your blog and also redirect them to your eBook. You may even develop a sales funnel, and ensure autopilot sales for your eBook.

Sell Coaching Services

It might appear that coaching services are presently going through each market aspect, and offering coaching through your blog can obviously be profitable. You can make significant earnings even if you have only a few clients, if you manage to get established a business development coach, life coach or career coach. Go for a specific package and ensure that you always address objections directly and in advance. Always keep in mind that customers generally avoid a very complicated purchase process.

Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be ideal, whether you are a working professional, student or entrepreneur, as it is at the core of blogging and online marketing. As people want to create their own websites and explore newer revenue generation online, training in a superior digital marketing program can be very useful. Trainers can make the whole process simplified for you through real life digital updates, practical experiments, LIVE industry examples and more, and you can grasp the topic easily with a deeper understanding. With quality Digital Marketing programs, you can get backup classes and 24/7 trainer’s support to clear your doubts, get more exposure and have more theoretical knowledge that can be implemented practically.

If you have just started with blogging, these methods can be wonderful ways to monetize your blog and ensure proper revenue generation from your site / blog by putting your interesting content to good use. You can earn by using your love for words, driving more traffic and monetizing the same.

The Passion For Blogging Can Increase Your Traffic Online

The Passion For Blogging Can Increase Your Traffic Online

Blogging has wide range of benefits. This can also be one of the advertisement campaign which is mostly done in written words.  But, many principles are involved here too.

Why is a particular company quite known throughout the nation, where as many of the traders with same service are not recognized. It is all about certain business promoting techniques. With the increase in crowd focusing on internet as their best medium of doing everything, blogging has become very important for the businessmen to get their business get to its heights. Now, blogging also have certain procedures and guidelines. This is just due to the reason that, millions of bloggers are present in the World Wide Web. Then why are just few getting successful? Only the expert bloggers can answer this with their expertise in this field.

There are many reasons behind blogging of business. Some people have an opinion that blogging is just about sitting in front of the computer with internet. But, in reality, it is not that easy. A good strategy is required to make your blogging successful. Also, the competition is quite high in the market. But, once you can reach to the audience, it will bring a lot of traffic to you. Folks can get more business just by blogging. The current trend and content strategy is again a great requirement for a blogger.

How Advantageous Is Blogging For Your Business?

You can definitely enjoy wide range of benefits with blogging. Following are some of them:

  • Boosts number of contents- Through blogging; one increases its contents online. This incorporates more and more information to the mass. This will bring higher domain when you have large sites. As a result, your page ranking will increase.
  • It supports campaign- Every company would like to get more and more sales. The contents are boosted through the blogging activity which in turn supports your campaign.
  • Brand awareness- Some of the companies have just stepped in the market. Thus, they are not getting enough audience. Today, people are too much inclined towards the brand. But, establishing the name in the market takes a long time for a new business. This is where the blogging activity will benefit.
  • Social media promotion- The most important medium to gain traffic is through social media. The facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram are the important places from where you can drive in maximum traffic. Blogging is a process through which you can create contents for such social media. The blogs so created will be displayed right in front of the audience.
  • Customer retention- This is an important step for boosting every business. If you can retain your existing customer and prevent them moving to your competitors, you can easily go a long way. The business blog is required to fulfil this objective. This is also connected to people getting affiliated to your brand.
  • Capture data- Another benefit of online blogging is keeping the data unused for the future use. Is this will be very beneficial for remarketing in future? It can present to those people who have not seen the post before.
  • Link building- You must make the blog really attractive. The experts can make it in such a way that it can become really compelling. This will make the link building process quite easy. It is a good technique to link your posts with the other well known websites. This will boost your search engine ranking. As a result, the traffic will be quite high. The content space can be increased when you go ahead with blogging in an unparalleled way

What Principles Does Blog Have?

Blog come with many sequences and factors. In order to get perfect blogging experience, one must follow the principles. Following are some of them:

  • Perfect frequency- Some people go ahead with the blogging for 2-3 weeks. And after that, they completely stops it. This is not a good practice. If you are willing to get positive results from blogging, it must be done in certain frequency. Your blog must be familiar with the search engine as well as user.
  • Target keyword- It is very important to know your target keyword, before starting the process of blogging. What is the subject of your blog? Now, find the keyword in the form of the phrase or the word that is mostly searched online. While blogging, you have to include those keywords in your site.
  • Content length- When you are writing content for your blog, it is very important to know the length of the content. It is normally proffered to have long contents. There was a time when the search engine was fine with 500 words contents. But today, the competition has increased. Thus, the content length must be 700-800 words.
  • Media-Only the contents are not enough in blogging. You also need to add some media. The pictures and info graphics are quite necessary when you need to make your blogging a great success.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Startup in Kolkata

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Startup in Kolkata

Before the nineteenth century, people were used to distributing the flyer and roam around the city with a microphone to spread their brand names. However, recent online marketing plans are completely different. As the word ‘online’ is dominating the world, people are impressively attached with the term. Befitting with that fact, most of the businessmen are opting for online marketing. If you want to grow your business widely, you should try the effective digital marketing strategies immediately.

According to researches, there are several tried and tested tactics to make your brand’s online presence successful. Here are the top five digital marketing strategies, which you can apply in your start-up.

E-Mail Marketing:

Though many people think that e-mails are useless, in digital marketing e-mails plays a great role in promoting your brand or service. By availing this amazing strategy, you can easily earn a handsome profit in your business because e-mails help you in reaching the maximum numbers of targeted customers easily. Though opting for e-mail marketing is highly effective in many ways to your brand, there are various people who failed to make the most of it, while others are excelling this policy.

Some Tips for Successful E-mail Marketing:

  • The subject line is the key of your e-mail. Therefore, make it catchy by putting the maximum effort in it.
  • Do not use complicated phrases. The best way to reach the customers is to write it in clear font with simple language.
  • Use bullets and subheads tactfully.
  • Describe the advantages and facilities that you are going to provide.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to optimize the e-mails for mobile phones.

Social Media Marketing:

If you want to present your brand in front of a wide range of audiences, then social media marketing is the best suitable option for you. It is a quite popular and effective marketing strategy in present internet-oriented era.

According to the recent reports, it is proved that most of the businessmen prefer to opt for social media marketing to grow their business online.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • It generates traffic on your website.
  • Create your brand’s positive impression.
  • It offers leads and improves the search ranking of your page in Google and other search engines.
  • Helps in earning more profit.


When you search on Google to get your queries sorted, then you may see that several ads are popping on the screen. These ads are all coming due to the Pay-per-click promotion. You can also run your own add on Google by paying a minimum charge to Google.

The Advantages of Pay-Per-Click:

  • As you have to pay when the customers are clicking on the ad, the chance of costing a great amount of money at a single time is low and you can also decide how much you want to spend on per click.
  • In this ad, you can sort your audience according to your preference.
  • In the PPC campaign, you can easily measure your profit by determining how much you are spending and what you are getting back as your profit.
  • While other SEO techniques take at least months to give the best result, PPC is able to offer you the maximum outcome almost immediately.
  • Through this campaign, you can instantly reach to the customers when they click on the ad.

Keep the fact in your mind, PPC can exhaust your money rapidly, you have to be more careful and attentive at the time of managing it.

Search Engine Optimization:

Are you thinking that developing a website and including the services is enough to get a visitor on your site? If your answer is yes, then you are mistaken. There are several other things, which control the traffic on the websites. Have you ever imagined how your site will appear on the first page of the Google while there are various other sites like of yours? By availing the SEO service, you can gain traffic on your website and your website can appear on Google. In addition, when your website is ranking on the first page of Google, it creates a positive impression of your brand.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer market is the best option, while your chief concern is to target a specific audience rather than the rest of audiences. In this marketing strategy, businessmen hire professional influencer to say your words.

Nowadays, influencer marketing goes hand in hand with the other two types of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Most of the influencer marketing is associated with various social media activities to spread your business worldwide.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • As influencers have already their own fan, while you are sharing your words through them, they are building trust for your brand by utilizing their followers.
  • Improves your brand’s Awareness.