Top 3 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Most of the errands of both individuals, as well as businesses mainly performed on the Internet. It is the ultimate destination, where most businesses, ranging from well established to startups to home businesses carry out their daily transactions or functions in an effective way.  The thing that keeps everybody involved and linked online is the social media. It has turned out to be an immense tool for digital promotion as well as to contact the audiences of the businesses. In this competitive world, it is vital to have a healthy online existence for businesses. Here only the leading Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata lend their helping hand to these businesses. Here are three leading Social Media marketing agencies in Kolkata on whom you can count on for promoting your merchandise and services.

  1. Webaholic

Webaholic is considered the topmost Social Media marketing agency in Kolkata. It aids both small as well as medium-sized businesses to have a powerful online existence. The agency creates not only responsive and attractive websites for these businesses, but it also has the ability to design an attractive logo for them. It also assists businesses considerably in company branding as well as offering effective and affordable e-Commerce solutions. The major goal of Webaholic is to create a user-friendly website for its corporate customers and helps them with updating and upgrading their website constantly with the most recent technologies. The agency has a team of skilled and experienced team of web designers and programmers, offering high-quality services. They have a staunch belief in offering well-timed delivery of projects of the highest quality through their effective and resourceful SEO as well as social media marketing plans.

The business is now functioning at 33/22A Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road, Kolkata. You can reach them at 9088046470

  1. Webmoghuls

Webmoghuls is the second leading social media marketing agency in Kolkata. It is considered the one-stop marketing agency that will take a dedicated care of the entire online marketing needs of corporate customers. The business has a strong team that consists of technically and innovatively empowered marketing professionals.  They will offer their services to make sure that their customers will get the best possible results at the best prices. The vision of the agency is to offer high-quality work at the lowest price to their customers.

You can visit the business in person at 25, Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata or contact them over the phone at 90073 20481.

  1. Seven Boats

Seven Boats, which is third largest and the most reputable Social Media Marketing Agency In Kolkata, is an approved firm, offering a comprehensive service in digital marketing.  The professional marketing team of the business is dedicated to offering resourceful marketing plans and executing them in an effective way to meet the social media marketing goals of their customers. The business has clients all over the world as well as across different industries. They aid businesses substantially in promoting their merchandise and services through social media promotion, and SEO according to their needs.

If you would like to hire their services, you can visit their office at AC-147, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. The contact number of the business is 8017049042 and 033-40016612

Stabilize Your Business With The Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Stabilize Your Business With The Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Digital Marketing implies the promoting or publicising of an organisation’s products and resources utilising advanced channels. It is a way to market the brand of an organisation employing digital media. Kolkata amongst others is pacing forward in digital promotion; thus it has a prompt quick ascent of neoteric new businesses. Even though Kolkata falls behind other urban communities in India, it has held the rein tight.

What start-ups should mouse-over?

An excellent Digital Agency has a unique facility and provides quality services.

  • They understand the content and work accordingly for your goals.
  • You should know whether an organisation utilises powerful advertising systems.
  • Many low-cost agencies can blemish your brand with their inefficient abilities thus providing trashy outcomes.

Read below for the top 3 creative marketing agencies in Kolkata:

Navsoft- Bestowing services to Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and many more, the Navigators Software has done bodacious work. Established in the year 1999, Navsoft has the expertise of more than 15 years. It is amidst the best web and versatile application organisations which has practical know-how in outsourcing.

The expanded business of the Rungta Group, Navsoft, offers administrations to you which will push your products and your brand across different digital channels. Its work has been praised with the TOP 50 Emerging Company 2013 award by Nasscom. It is located in Topsia, West Bengal.

JM InfoTech- It provides you with website architecture and graphic designing. From your marvy custom logo configurations to custom site planning’s, pushing ahead to idealise web application upswings, JM InfoTech trumps the Digital Marketing race and is the pivot of all your elucidations.

Grossing project of 3450, this agency is the best assortment for your digital marketing. The JM InfoTech provides you services in SEO, SMO, PPC and content writing. It is located in Ground Floor, Opposite South City Mall, Jodhpur Gardens and Lake Gardens.

Plan D Media – Our proven digital marketing strategies are built on a results driven approach. Customized solutions for unique business challenges.No long-term contracts.We’ll let our results speak for themselves.You’re better than amateur freelancers. We are 60% cheaper than big agencies and in-house teams.Hire the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata and a team of experts with serious experience in kicking ass, increasing sales, and growing brands.

Kreative Machinez- What makes it procure the list are its well-substituted administrations. They have the Kreative Promotion Hub, the Kreative Design Hub, the Kreative Content Hub, the Kreative Development Hub, the Kreative Enterprise Hub, and Kreative Application Hub. Their target rotates around examined and tried methodologies which turn out to be compelling. Having crowned more than 3500 projects, they have imprinted their establishment in Kolkata. Their rational approach to clients shows their development works. It is located in 10F, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd, Jatin Das Park, Patuapara, and Bhowanipore.

What Are Some Effective Lead Generation Plans To Benefit Startup Business Owners?

What Are Some Effective Lead Generation Plans To Benefit Startup Business Owners?

The lead generation task is never an easy task for businesses and those who are looking for higher rate of conversion as startup business owners must put to effective use the following hacks

The prime objective of any startup organization is to achieve faster growth and enjoy a quick boost in annual revenues. Lead generation strategies are proving to be a great way to build the prospects of such companies. Find out about some of the most effective lead generation plans to ensure the success of startups.

Creating Plenty Of Attractive Opportunities

You can transform each blog post into an effective opt-in page. Live demos, free reports, webinars etc are some other useful ways. You may try offering resource guides, worksheets, blog posts as PDFs, recipes and more as overpoweringly attractive opportunities.

Use Opt-Ins In Blog Posts

Have the opt-in box move out of the blog sidebar, and arise in the form of a pop-up. Compel users to take a proper decision. Opt-in boxes are typically ignored when they just stay in the sidebar. Tests have shown that this helps boost conversion by as much as 32%.

Keep Testing Properly

It is good to heed to advices, but use them with caution – given that what works for another startup might not work so well in your case. You should not ignore advices that sound great. However, you should test it in a proper way. Even in cases where you do not feel them to be necessary, you should carry out Split testing. The results among your target audience might appear unreasonable at times. However, this is the reason why it is important to test. Split testing actually leads to 24% less conversions.

Create Clear Landing Pages

Make the landing pages lucid, and make it easier for the audience to take an action. This is an effective technique, given that users do not need to process a lot of information – unlike in case of an entire page of content or a video that goes on for a couple of minutes or more for Lead Generation.

Improve Your Ads

Try to make your ads compelling, and out of the box – so that your competition is blown away easily. It can take your CTR higher than the average, and offer a boost to your Quality Score. You can reduce your CPC by creating killer, unique ads.

Make More Interesting Offers

A great way to improve conversion rate is through making better offers. It is much more substantive than standard optimizations, such as changing of spacing, font type, button color and more. Offer something that has some value for the users, and is unique from what your competitors are offering.

One of the most affordable holistic digital solutions provider for startups and growing companies in Kolkata. For more information, visit

Best SEO Service In Kolkata – What Do the Top 3 Companies Offer?

Best SEO Service In Kolkata – What Do the Top 3 Companies Offer?

Here’s a look at the top SEO services that the top 3 companies in Kolkata offers to its long list of clients. Read this blog to find the best information.

SEO assists businesses in gaining high rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) very easily. The optimization strategies and methods used by SEO companies help achieve success. On-page optimization services and off-page optimization services are two of the services provided by agencies. Find out about the best SEO services offered by the top 3 companies.

SEO Analysis

SEO is a competitive domain, and the service involves grabbing the top spot on search engines such as Google. Top SEO agencies check the competition and analyze the website / blog / ecommerce store of client companies. Careful analysis is important to help determine the tactics and strategies used by competitors to boost SEO efforts for specific keywords and planning effective campaigns to beat the competition. It is an important service that can help ensure the success of SEO campaigns.

Link Building

It includes getting backlinks, which are links coming from other sites that are redirected to yours. It is an essential factor for how high a website appears on SERPs. Link building helps websites rank higher. However, backlinks are not equally effective. Top SEO Agencies in Kolkata generate effective one-way links to make SEO strategies more effectual.

Content writing

It is important to optimize web content to ensure higher rankings. This includes careful integration of essential and high-searched keywords in the best spots. It also involves HTML optimization, generating internal links and boosting navigation to make sure that keywords can be found. Content writing and optimization need to be considered in an SEO campaign early on.

Online Press Release Optimization

Top SEO agencies spread newsworthy items online, and make the target audience interested in the products, services and brand messages offered by clients. Online Press Releases are a low-cost way to promote businesses, as compared to traditional ways of advertising and Public Relations.

Mobile SEO

Mobile phones are ubiquitous these days, and are a great way to boost search engine optimization efforts. Mobile app development has become very popular and with the smartphone technology improving every year, there is an increase in popularity and demand for mobile search engine optimization services.

Local Search Optimization

With a local search, search results for a keyword can be optimized – depending on the location modifier. Local searches often assist local business listings by offering details about geographical directions as well as contact information. Local search advertising assists companies by targeting local customers about various types of services and products.

The Tips For Bootstrapped Start-Up With Exclusive Digital Marketing Techniques

The Tips For Bootstrapped Start-Up With Exclusive Digital Marketing Techniques

A start-up business lands with great aspiration. Proper guide and direction is vital. The digital marketing organization can bring out best option today.

A start-up company will require adequate help for its promotion. Whether you deal with goods and services, brand awareness is an important factor. This can be easily done through digital marketing techniques and social media help.

Tips On Digital Marketing With Social Media Promotion

Twitter for Promotion

  1. Access through smart phones

Today, most of the people are using smart phone for any of their task. The social media sites like twitter can be accessed with the help of such social media site.

  1. Advanced search

You will get the search bar at the top of twitter. Getting the appropriate keywords for business branding and promotion is easy. The traders can reach customers staying in various regions.

  1. Modification in headlines

Changes in post and regular updates is very important to get audience for your business. No visitors will be interested in same type of headlines for years. Through digital marketing agency one can get good idea on headline alterations.

Boost in FB profile

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites today. People share everything through this social media site. The digital marketing tips will give you good idea on how to use your FB profile appropriately. Following are some points:

  • You will get the option like boost post in FB. This helps in getting your post to reach the height. But, it is not always trustworthy. Contact your digital marketing expert.
  • People wish to get as much likes as possible. But, this might not be beneficial for your business goal. Rather, focus on hits in your website which can turn to your potential customer.
  • Post in FB and make the audience know about the information about the business and products.

Share Digital Experience

  • LinkedIn post- One of the most popular professional network is the LinkedIn. You can share your views and videos about your business in this platform.
  • Story creation- Just make an image as if you are creating a presentation of your business. You can use the sliders, videos and clips.
  • Get a blog- Every businessman is having a blog of their own for their company’s identity. You too must create a blog today.


Many people prefer Instagram even today. This is also a platform for marketing business. This is having some analytic feature that will monitor your performance.

It is good to have a digital marketing team for your business promotion. The failure of a start-up business will make you demotivated. The above mentioned digital marketing tips can be beneficial.

Five Quick And Affordable SEO Hacks For Your Startup Business

Five Quick And Affordable SEO Hacks For Your Startup Business

If you have established your new business and you are constructing an online profile for your business, then, your main aim is to attract more people visit your website. As a business owner, you might be aware that SEO is the best as well as the most powerful medium to improve the online visibility of your business. Here are the five most effective SEO hacks that you can follow to make your business visible online with the minimum investment of your time and money.

  1. Use The Most Appropriate And Lucrative Tools

To improve the online visibility of your business on the Search Engine Results Pages, you can consider using two powerful yet profitable SEO tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that will aid you considerably in finding generic as well as long-tail keywords pertinent to your business. On the other hand, the SEMRush tool will reveal the keywords of your business competitors using for their ranking purposes as well as the sources of their backlinks.

  1. Hunt For Long-Tail Keywords That Are Relevant To Your Business

Long-tail keywords are the search words that usually include a combination of two or more than two words. When compared to single keywords, long-tail keywords are the less-frequently searched words. However, they play a vital role in offering higher ranking to your website as well as in driving more traffic to your website.

  1. Load Your Website With The Content According To The Latest Trends

When a visitor is seeking a trending news tale on Google, it will usually display the latest news on the search term of the website visitor. Usually, Google can take one day to one month to display your news and content on its search pages, but the algorithm of Google will prioritize content that centers on trending news. When something great things happen in your business, publish them on your website in the Word Document format.

  1. Make Your Website Easy To Navigate And User-Friendly

This will not only make your website create more interest in your visitors, but it will also allow them to stay on your website for a longer time. An optimized website will have the ability to lessen the bounce rate of the site, so yours is no exception. Besides making your visitors stay on your website for a longer period, it will fetch more traffic to your website, as well, which, in turn, will boost your online sales.

  1. Make Your Content As Long As Possible

If the major source of your traffic is SEO, avoid publishing short content on your website. This will allow you to get more traffic to your website, as well. Therefore, write a long-form content, which contains more than 1,000 words. Usually, any content with more word count will allow you get higher ranking on Google.