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The Passion For Blogging Can Increase Your Traffic Online

The Passion For Blogging Can Increase Your Traffic Online

Blogging has wide range of benefits. This can also be one of the advertisement campaign which is mostly done in written words.  But, many principles are involved here too.

Why is a particular company quite known throughout the nation, where as many of the traders with same service are not recognized. It is all about certain business promoting techniques. With the increase in crowd focusing on internet as their best medium of doing everything, blogging has become very important for the businessmen to get their business get to its heights. Now, blogging also have certain procedures and guidelines. This is just due to the reason that, millions of bloggers are present in the World Wide Web. Then why are just few getting successful? Only the expert bloggers can answer this with their expertise in this field.

There are many reasons behind blogging of business. Some people have an opinion that blogging is just about sitting in front of the computer with internet. But, in reality, it is not that easy. A good strategy is required to make your blogging successful. Also, the competition is quite high in the market. But, once you can reach to the audience, it will bring a lot of traffic to you. Folks can get more business just by blogging. The current trend and content strategy is again a great requirement for a blogger.

How Advantageous Is Blogging For Your Business?

You can definitely enjoy wide range of benefits with blogging. Following are some of them:

  • Boosts number of contents- Through blogging; one increases its contents online. This incorporates more and more information to the mass. This will bring higher domain when you have large sites. As a result, your page ranking will increase.
  • It supports campaign- Every company would like to get more and more sales. The contents are boosted through the blogging activity which in turn supports your campaign.
  • Brand awareness- Some of the companies have just stepped in the market. Thus, they are not getting enough audience. Today, people are too much inclined towards the brand. But, establishing the name in the market takes a long time for a new business. This is where the blogging activity will benefit.
  • Social media promotion- The most important medium to gain traffic is through social media. The facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram are the important places from where you can drive in maximum traffic. Blogging is a process through which you can create contents for such social media. The blogs so created will be displayed right in front of the audience.
  • Customer retention- This is an important step for boosting every business. If you can retain your existing customer and prevent them moving to your competitors, you can easily go a long way. The business blog is required to fulfil this objective. This is also connected to people getting affiliated to your brand.
  • Capture data- Another benefit of online blogging is keeping the data unused for the future use. Is this will be very beneficial for remarketing in future? It can present to those people who have not seen the post before.
  • Link building- You must make the blog really attractive. The experts can make it in such a way that it can become really compelling. This will make the link building process quite easy. It is a good technique to link your posts with the other well known websites. This will boost your search engine ranking. As a result, the traffic will be quite high. The content space can be increased when you go ahead with blogging in an unparalleled way

What Principles Does Blog Have?

Blog come with many sequences and factors. In order to get perfect blogging experience, one must follow the principles. Following are some of them:

  • Perfect frequency- Some people go ahead with the blogging for 2-3 weeks. And after that, they completely stops it. This is not a good practice. If you are willing to get positive results from blogging, it must be done in certain frequency. Your blog must be familiar with the search engine as well as user.
  • Target keyword- It is very important to know your target keyword, before starting the process of blogging. What is the subject of your blog? Now, find the keyword in the form of the phrase or the word that is mostly searched online. While blogging, you have to include those keywords in your site.
  • Content length- When you are writing content for your blog, it is very important to know the length of the content. It is normally proffered to have long contents. There was a time when the search engine was fine with 500 words contents. But today, the competition has increased. Thus, the content length must be 700-800 words.
  • Media-Only the contents are not enough in blogging. You also need to add some media. The pictures and info graphics are quite necessary when you need to make your blogging a great success.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Startup in Kolkata

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Startup in Kolkata

Before the nineteenth century, people were used to distributing the flyer and roam around the city with a microphone to spread their brand names. However, recent online marketing plans are completely different. As the word ‘online’ is dominating the world, people are impressively attached with the term. Befitting with that fact, most of the businessmen are opting for online marketing. If you want to grow your business widely, you should try the effective digital marketing strategies immediately.

According to researches, there are several tried and tested tactics to make your brand’s online presence successful. Here are the top five digital marketing strategies, which you can apply in your start-up.

E-Mail Marketing:

Though many people think that e-mails are useless, in digital marketing e-mails plays a great role in promoting your brand or service. By availing this amazing strategy, you can easily earn a handsome profit in your business because e-mails help you in reaching the maximum numbers of targeted customers easily. Though opting for e-mail marketing is highly effective in many ways to your brand, there are various people who failed to make the most of it, while others are excelling this policy.

Some Tips for Successful E-mail Marketing:

  • The subject line is the key of your e-mail. Therefore, make it catchy by putting the maximum effort in it.
  • Do not use complicated phrases. The best way to reach the customers is to write it in clear font with simple language.
  • Use bullets and subheads tactfully.
  • Describe the advantages and facilities that you are going to provide.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to optimize the e-mails for mobile phones.

Social Media Marketing:

If you want to present your brand in front of a wide range of audiences, then social media marketing is the best suitable option for you. It is a quite popular and effective marketing strategy in present internet-oriented era.

According to the recent reports, it is proved that most of the businessmen prefer to opt for social media marketing to grow their business online.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • It generates traffic on your website.
  • Create your brand’s positive impression.
  • It offers leads and improves the search ranking of your page in Google and other search engines.
  • Helps in earning more profit.


When you search on Google to get your queries sorted, then you may see that several ads are popping on the screen. These ads are all coming due to the Pay-per-click promotion. You can also run your own add on Google by paying a minimum charge to Google.

The Advantages of Pay-Per-Click:

  • As you have to pay when the customers are clicking on the ad, the chance of costing a great amount of money at a single time is low and you can also decide how much you want to spend on per click.
  • In this ad, you can sort your audience according to your preference.
  • In the PPC campaign, you can easily measure your profit by determining how much you are spending and what you are getting back as your profit.
  • While other SEO techniques take at least months to give the best result, PPC is able to offer you the maximum outcome almost immediately.
  • Through this campaign, you can instantly reach to the customers when they click on the ad.

Keep the fact in your mind, PPC can exhaust your money rapidly, you have to be more careful and attentive at the time of managing it.

Search Engine Optimization:

Are you thinking that developing a website and including the services is enough to get a visitor on your site? If your answer is yes, then you are mistaken. There are several other things, which control the traffic on the websites. Have you ever imagined how your site will appear on the first page of the Google while there are various other sites like of yours? By availing the SEO service, you can gain traffic on your website and your website can appear on Google. In addition, when your website is ranking on the first page of Google, it creates a positive impression of your brand.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer market is the best option, while your chief concern is to target a specific audience rather than the rest of audiences. In this marketing strategy, businessmen hire professional influencer to say your words.

Nowadays, influencer marketing goes hand in hand with the other two types of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Most of the influencer marketing is associated with various social media activities to spread your business worldwide.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • As influencers have already their own fan, while you are sharing your words through them, they are building trust for your brand by utilizing their followers.
  • Improves your brand’s Awareness.
All You Need To Know About The Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business in Kolkata

All You Need To Know About The Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business in Kolkata

The modern world is accepting the concept of technological and digital advanced revolution with many new possibilities. Whether the small business owners or the well-settled business, they are making the best use of the marketing strategies which are available. The credible factors of the marketing strategies help the business owners to expand large networks with the customers from all around the world.

From all other traditional strategies, the digital marketing is getting more popular because of its quick and easy process. As you know, the online platform is rapidly growing, and almost everyone is well acquainted with this technique together much knowledge and information. Increasing your audience will surely help to grow your business in large numbers and with a wide number of connected customers can give you a hefty amount of revenues in the future.

Some Incredible Benefits Of The Digital Marketing Strategies

It Can Help You With Brand Awareness

Promoting your brand is the best way to maintain your existence among the customers, and this can help the business owners to grow their brand awareness with much ease. Simply coming up with a start-up and doing your marketing is not sufficient, you have to indulge in brand awareness, and it can be possible through the marketing strategies. If you are looking forward to targeting your audience, then choosing a good and reputed digital marketing consultant is all you need to maintain your reputation with your fellow competitors.

It Has An Effective Cost Than Any Other Marketing Strategies

Almost every business owners are looking for the cost-effective medium to do their online business. And the digital marketing act as a boon to them due to its less cost of amenities which are provided. It takes a less funding amount as compared to other traditional marketing strategies. More than 40% of business owners have claimed a major amount of savings after switching to the digital marketing. You can blindly rely upon the providers, and they will do their job as per your guidelines.

Get The Better Amount Of Revenues

Getting better revenues is the main matter of consideration for every business. The marketing techniques will surely help you to make more amount of money in the future. More the visitors will show interest to your website; more will be the revenues. There are several marketing strategies available in the market, but the digital marketing is the most preferred one. The technology is continuously growing so as the competitors in the marketplace. The main key for taking these strategies is to make more Revenue of Investment (ROI). The flow of the digital marketing for targeting the audience is way better than the traditional marketing strategies.

Trustable Customers

It is a very quick process to gain the trust from the customers. The reviews and the customer feedbacks are made in a better way and according to this crucial data; the websites are structured by the professional. The layouts, contents, keywords, headlines, and subheadings are well tailored so that it will be easy for the consumers to go through the selected products and other crucial details. If the experienced SEO providers maintain your website, then your customers will get attracted to the websites automatically. Building the trust is the main thing for doing an effective business.

Track Your Ups And Down

By using the smart devices, you can monitor all the important things which are reacted to your websites. For instance, you will be able to see the total number of visitors, customer reviews, customer feedbacks, the number of products sold and many more activities. You can even view the unwanted things which are happening on your websites, and according to that, you can overcome these too. The digital marketing is the leading marketing strategies all over the world, and the business owners trust them for providing the best results to them.

Monitor Your Traffic By Doing A Live Chat

If you are looking to increase your business in large amount then taking the help of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you to increase your rank in the search bar. And later it will gain some upper positions concerning time. It takes time, but once your website has topped the rank on the search bar, then it barely comes down. And thus within the top 5 searches, your website will likely to have occurred at first page, and the visitors will show interest to view your website in vast amount.


The digital marketing is blended with many other marketing strategies such as SEO, social media, email, and many more things. It gives the business owners a wide choice to choose the best for them, and digital marketing does and is proving to be the best market strategies as compared to other traditional strategies.

Digital Marketing – Its Role In Travel & Tourism And How To Use It

Digital Marketing – Its Role In Travel & Tourism And How To Use It

Digital Marketing plays an important part in Travel & Tourism. Digital advertising agency Plan D Media mentions how to use it properly for optimal impact.

The growing use of the internet and a rise in the number of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops etc have led to the growth of Digital Marketing. In many businesses and industries, Digital Marketing has lately been playing an important role. It is not surprising that it is becoming important in the Travel & Tourism industry as well. This type of marketing can be used in the industry in many ways, in order to ensure proper success of the Travel & Tourism business. Plan D Media, a top digital marketing agency, shares some of the best methods to promote travel and tourism businesses on the digital platforms.


The use of photos has come from the traditional ways of marketing, and is possibly the only traditional advertising method to have come into the tourism business. At one time, photos on posters and flyers were an easy marketing medium. Even in the digital space, photos have not become non-relevant. These are lighter when compared to videos, and can easily be sent to many people.

These are still considered to be effective means of marketing, and provide viewers with a robust visual experience. A good photo, such as that of a sunrise or sunset over a mountain or a beach, shot by a skilled photographer, can be attention grabbing for customers.


The digital age has made videos widespread, and its use could not have been possible three decades ago. When compared to photos, videos are more effective as these introduce customers to a new business in a much more elaborate way. While a photo can offer an immediate idea about a business, a video can offer information about it in a more detailed way. Although more data or bandwidth is needed to open videos than photos, customers who are actually interested about your offerings will of course click on and view them.

Through videos, you can make a more compelling offer. You need to hire an experienced video grapher who is skilled in capturing as well as editing videos. The videos should extend some interesting offers to customers in order to be successful.

Social Media Marketing

In the digital world, social media happens to be one of the most effective tools. This tool has a lot of potential and when properly utilized, can significantly influence the minds of customers. Social media can help you reach the type of customers that you exactly wish to communicate with. If you can spend a bit and hire expert social media marketers, you can get more leads – and therefore customers – within a very short time. When you have a large amount of followers, it is possible to catch more eyeballs with your content. You can ultimately end up getting many customers.

Email Marketing

This simply involves using emails as a means for advertising. It is a robust marketing medium that can be used to promote a Tour & Travel business. You may recruit a company or a major data researcher to make your assortment of profiles get across to numerous leads or potential customers who like to travel.

As far as email marketing is concerned, you can get the chance to reach out directly to many customers. This is much better and direct as compared to social media marketing where only a few followers are likely to view your posts, if not effectively strategized and implemented. However, since emails are more direct methods of communication, you need to make a very compelling offer. This will ensure that even if the recipient does not make a click on your email offer, he will not get out of your mailing list by opting out.

SMS Marketing

This is another effective way of digital marketing, and can be used to send contents directly to potential customers. SMS marketing can help you to reach thousands of customers with well-constructed SMS messages. You only have a short space to advertise your offers, and must include the main keywords about the destination, plan, pricing package etc, so that travelers can easily get an idea about what exactly you have on offer for them.

Blogs And Articles

Blogs or articles rich in keywords can attract many travelers online if you manage to write very compelling articles about gorgeous destinations and tourist attractions. It would be wise for you to avoid writing contents that are directly promotional. Instead, it is wiser that you try advertising in a more subtle way. Blogging, when done in an effective way, can allow you to reach targeted customers easily.

If you have made up your mind to test the waters with digital marketing, choosing a proper method of marketing that suits your business the most is definitely the first challenge. In order to make a proper choice, you should first get a proper understanding of every possible marketing method.

A Concise Image For Few Of The Leading Social Media And Digital Agencies In Kolkata

A Concise Image For Few Of The Leading Social Media And Digital Agencies In Kolkata

In the late 90’s, when the internet first came into existence in India none of us expected it to spread its dominance at such an extent. The mid-2000’s saw the growth of a large number of social media websites. Now, these websites were visited by several people every single day,and this created one of the largest present-day advertising platforms. Today we will be discussing some of the leading social media and digital agencies with its base in Calcutta:

Plan D Media:

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This advertising agency was established in mid-2016 with it’s headquarter in Calcutta. Though this agency is quite young compared to others, their successful takes on several campaigns made them one of the best agency. The core of this agency is a group of seasoned personnel who have prior experience of handling such campaigns. The large number of clientele this house boasts of collaborating with is praiseworthy. The job of this agency is not only restricted in the advertising only, but they on behalf of the owner also carries out a thorough study of the business and does a SWOT Analysis. They believe their job is not complete until the owner becomes successful with his business. The work ethics shown by the workers of this agency is parallel to none. They provide a wide variety of service from mobile app marketing, video marketing, website design or development, and content marketing.



This agency helps small and medium-sized startups to put their footprint in the virtual They have dedicated themselves to customer satisfaction and help their client from designing their business logo to creating their website. Their team of web developers is efficient enough to deliver the work on time at a very affordable price range. The websites designed by them are not the only user- friendly but involves the use of all sorts of the latest technologies and innovations. The core team of this agency is handpicked by experienced professionals. They believe the agency stands on three pillars and they are delivery of work within stipulated time, affordable pricing and premium work quality. They have collaborations with brands like The Statesman, Yahoo!, All top, and Hongkiat.com.



This agency claims themselves to be the one-stop destination that will look after all the virtual marketing needs of a business. Their motto is to provide quality work and become the go-to destination for digital marketing needs. Firstly, the experts of the agency analyse the business of a person and then formulate the plan to achieve those goals and visions. They specialise in WordPress website designs and developments. They are currently serving clients in India, USA, UK, Australia and many developed countries of Europe.



It is a sister department Urban Axiom Group. The goal of this company is to completely change the company digitally by using innovative ideas, technology analytics, and The agency has a number of creative designers, and marketing consultants available at their disposable which helps them to achieve complete digitisation of a company. They have expertise in the real estate industry. According to their official website, they were successful enough to work with more than 25 million buyers last year. Their agency workers have clocked the golden spot of 2.5 million work hours in total last year. They have collaborated with real estate developers like Krishna Bhumi, Emami City, Urbana, Infinity and many more.

Seven Boats:

Social media communication concept

This is another advertising firm who assists small and medium-sized businesses who wishes to reach a larger mass of people via the internet. They operate on a global scale and provide services like web designing, web optimisation, content marketing, training, and consulting.

Mind and Matter Marketing Solution:


Mind and Matter Marketing Solution is another advertising agency which operates on a global scale with its client spreading across India, UK, USA, and Canada. They not only provide a digital solution but also provide advertising assistance in traditional advertising. They provide service at a very cost effective rate and also offer a free consultation to discuss and understand the marketing needs of your business.

Orion Digital:


This is a division of Orion PR which provides technical and creative support to leading organisations. They claim to offer complete social media marketing solutions for all digital marketing needs. Their service is available to agencies who deal in Consumer products, healthcare, hospitality management, and education sector.

Zoom Web Media:


It is one of the most reputed digital marketing agencies based in the USA with its service branch available in Kolkata. They have a reputation of providing innovative marketing solutions in the virtual media. They have a strong global presence and have operatives in many countries across the globe. They provide services like web design and development. They have a department which deals with application development whose platform is android or iOS based.

Choose From The Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata For Promoting Your Business

Choose From The Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata For Promoting Your Business

The best digital marketing companies in Kolkata are all a web development company or an SEO agency in the beginning. To know whether the digital marketing company that you are choosing is the best or not, there are certain factors you must consider. A good digital marketing company will suggest a strong marketing plan for your business; they must know to balance between the designing and contents of the business. A good digital marketer will bring out the right strategies and use them to bring leads to your business. With the help of the right Digital Marketing Company, your business will see growth and prosperity in very less time.

Beware of fraud or bad digital marketing companies who apply redundant marketing strategies that are ineffective in promoting your business. The top 5 digital marketing agencies for StartUps in Kolkata are here as follows:

  1. Plan D: Being Kolkata’s first 360-degree digital marketing agency with 95% market success rate, Plan D tops the list. They come up with unique and creative marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals in a measurable, affordable and efficient way. They offer various plans to maximise your business growth and popularity. PPC, SEO, Content marketing, app designing, online marketing, mobile app marketing and many more innovative ways are used to give your business the boost it needs. They keep you informed about every step that they take and have a good number of successful projects achieved so far. It is best known as “Digital and SEO Agency” but, they are much more than just that. Generate better revenues with their marketing strategies and achieve your goal in no time.
  2. Meraqi: This digital marketing company in Kolkata uses insightful digital marketing strategies to help their clients meet with their customer requirements. With highly experienced founders, the company works with dedication and aims at providing smart strategies that are creative and commercial. They focus on creating beautiful presentations for start-ups, students and small or big businesses. The services provided by them include digital identity, search strategy, content strategy, technical strategy, Data Strategy, ecommerce strategy, brand strategy and more. The company might be new but they are a team of significantly experienced people who have worked with some of the world’s best brands before.
  3. People Infinity: It is a performance-driven Digital Marketing Company in India that has offices in Kolkata and Patna. They offer personalised digital marketing services to their clients as per the requirements of the businesses. They help you in advertising your business online and reach targeted audience. They also make user-friendly and attractive websites that helps in converting the visitors to customers. They offer services that include SEO, PPC advertising, Social Media Marketing, email marketing, ecommerce marketing, brand reputation management, affiliate marketing, media buying and content marketing. They work with the aim to expand and deliver better results to their clients with unconditional support and honesty.
  4. Digital Abhiyan: This Company has served a number of clients already and offered them the best possible digital media solutions. They have not only helped big businesses to grow further but also helped start-ups to get recognised in the market. They can make surviving change to success in the market in no time. They apply creative strategies by taking care of your entire digital marketing plan. They have skilled young and dynamic digital marketing specialists who go the extra mile to make your business a success. The services offered by them include analysis and analytics, asset development, social media marketing, online marketing, advertisements, activations and more.
  5. Sova InfoTech: They are the best in web designing but they also offer great services in other marketing strategies to meet all your business’ marketing requirements. They work with dedication to understand your vision and help you in achieving it through various digital marketing strategies. They excel in providing you a unique and creative design for your website and also help in increasing the rate of visitors in your website. They help the business in understanding and meeting their customer requirements. The services offered by them include web designing, web development, online marketing, software development, mobile app development.

These were the top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata. With the increase in the competition among the rising digital marketing companies, it is tough to choose the right one for your business. There are several other companies who are struggling to reach and compete with these top companies now. Keeping the wide range of services offered by the top digital marketing companies in mind, you should make a smart move and hire the one that suits your requirements the best. Bad digital marketing companies will not provide you with daily updates about the steps they take or produce uninspiring contents, which you will surely not find in the above mentioned digital marketing companies.