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In the late 90’s, when the internet first came into existence in India none of us expected it to spread its dominance at such an extent. The mid-2000’s saw the growth of a large number of social media websites. Now, these websites were visited by several people every single day,and this created one of the largest present-day advertising platforms. Today we will be discussing some of the leading social media and digital agencies with its base in Calcutta:

Plan D Media:

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This advertising agency was established in mid-2016 with it’s headquarter in Calcutta. Though this agency is quite young compared to others, their successful takes on several campaigns made them one of the best agency. The core of this agency is a group of seasoned personnel who have prior experience of handling such campaigns. The large number of clientele this house boasts of collaborating with is praiseworthy. The job of this agency is not only restricted in the advertising only, but they on behalf of the owner also carries out a thorough study of the business and does a SWOT Analysis. They believe their job is not complete until the owner becomes successful with his business. The work ethics shown by the workers of this agency is parallel to none. They provide a wide variety of service from mobile app marketing, video marketing, website design or development, and content marketing.



This agency helps small and medium-sized startups to put their footprint in the virtual They have dedicated themselves to customer satisfaction and help their client from designing their business logo to creating their website. Their team of web developers is efficient enough to deliver the work on time at a very affordable price range. The websites designed by them are not the only user- friendly but involves the use of all sorts of the latest technologies and innovations. The core team of this agency is handpicked by experienced professionals. They believe the agency stands on three pillars and they are delivery of work within stipulated time, affordable pricing and premium work quality. They have collaborations with brands like The Statesman, Yahoo!, All top, and Hongkiat.com.



This agency claims themselves to be the one-stop destination that will look after all the virtual marketing needs of a business. Their motto is to provide quality work and become the go-to destination for digital marketing needs. Firstly, the experts of the agency analyse the business of a person and then formulate the plan to achieve those goals and visions. They specialise in WordPress website designs and developments. They are currently serving clients in India, USA, UK, Australia and many developed countries of Europe.



It is a sister department Urban Axiom Group. The goal of this company is to completely change the company digitally by using innovative ideas, technology analytics, and The agency has a number of creative designers, and marketing consultants available at their disposable which helps them to achieve complete digitisation of a company. They have expertise in the real estate industry. According to their official website, they were successful enough to work with more than 25 million buyers last year. Their agency workers have clocked the golden spot of 2.5 million work hours in total last year. They have collaborated with real estate developers like Krishna Bhumi, Emami City, Urbana, Infinity and many more.

Seven Boats:

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This is another advertising firm who assists small and medium-sized businesses who wishes to reach a larger mass of people via the internet. They operate on a global scale and provide services like web designing, web optimisation, content marketing, training, and consulting.

Mind and Matter Marketing Solution:


Mind and Matter Marketing Solution is another advertising agency which operates on a global scale with its client spreading across India, UK, USA, and Canada. They not only provide a digital solution but also provide advertising assistance in traditional advertising. They provide service at a very cost effective rate and also offer a free consultation to discuss and understand the marketing needs of your business.

Orion Digital:


This is a division of Orion PR which provides technical and creative support to leading organisations. They claim to offer complete social media marketing solutions for all digital marketing needs. Their service is available to agencies who deal in Consumer products, healthcare, hospitality management, and education sector.

Zoom Web Media:


It is one of the most reputed digital marketing agencies based in the USA with its service branch available in Kolkata. They have a reputation of providing innovative marketing solutions in the virtual media. They have a strong global presence and have operatives in many countries across the globe. They provide services like web design and development. They have a department which deals with application development whose platform is android or iOS based.