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Content Marketing Agency in Kolkata

In today’s world, content is one thing that can make you stand out in the crowd. To make an impact, it is vital to share knowledge, best practices and other useful content with the target audience. You must develop a content strategy to give your customers the information you are looking for. Content marketing involves creating content relevant to your business and customers. Plan D is the most trusted content marketing agency in Kolkata that would enhance your brand visibility and digital ROI in a systematic manner

Content can be in the form of articles, blogs, case studies, graphics and even details about the company regarding its vision and mission and philosophy that help potential customers connect with a brand. It also helps improve rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, etc apart from reaching on social media. Moreover, if content strikes chord with the audience they are likely to talk about your brand. Original content effectively complements the SEO efforts..

See How We Can Help!

We at Plan D help you create a content marketing strategy aligned to your needs and marketing endeavors. Our team creates the right content for your brand based on your goals. Providing regular content and analysis is a part of our content marketing plan. Plan D’s marketing service has successfully served various high-profile organizations. Our content marketing services include:


Blogs are a great way of informing your target audience about the developments of you company. They help in dispersing information about the brand, its work ethics and the culture of a brand. Through blogs, customers can know about the latest trends and new offerings. Blogs help you connect with key customers and gives you a recognition in the market.

Infographics Content

Infographics are a great way to represent statistics, figures and processes. They are easy to grasp and customers can easily share them.

Video Content

Videos are a great way to explain difficult concepts and engaging with customers. With time, more and more companies have included video content marketing as their strategy. Videos can be in the form of animation, interviews, whiteboards, etc.


One can share in-depth analysis and research findings with customers. It shows that one is constantly monitoring and keeping oneself updated about the trends of business giving the brand much-needed credibility.


Guides can be e-books, e-guides or How to guides based on your products, business and services giving important information to the user.

Social Media Creative

Social media creatives are highly powerful when given the right content. Creative can range from high-end designs to funny images known as memes. Such content must be shareable and involve the audience.