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Digital Marketing plays an important part in Travel & Tourism. Digital advertising agency Plan D Media mentions how to use it properly for optimal impact.

The growing use of the internet and a rise in the number of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops etc have led to the growth of Digital Marketing. In many businesses and industries, Digital Marketing has lately been playing an important role. It is not surprising that it is becoming important in the Travel & Tourism industry as well. This type of marketing can be used in the industry in many ways, in order to ensure proper success of the Travel & Tourism business. Plan D Media, a top digital marketing agency, shares some of the best methods to promote travel and tourism businesses on the digital platforms.


The use of photos has come from the traditional ways of marketing, and is possibly the only traditional advertising method to have come into the tourism business. At one time, photos on posters and flyers were an easy marketing medium. Even in the digital space, photos have not become non-relevant. These are lighter when compared to videos, and can easily be sent to many people.

These are still considered to be effective means of marketing, and provide viewers with a robust visual experience. A good photo, such as that of a sunrise or sunset over a mountain or a beach, shot by a skilled photographer, can be attention grabbing for customers.


The digital age has made videos widespread, and its use could not have been possible three decades ago. When compared to photos, videos are more effective as these introduce customers to a new business in a much more elaborate way. While a photo can offer an immediate idea about a business, a video can offer information about it in a more detailed way. Although more data or bandwidth is needed to open videos than photos, customers who are actually interested about your offerings will of course click on and view them.

Through videos, you can make a more compelling offer. You need to hire an experienced video grapher who is skilled in capturing as well as editing videos. The videos should extend some interesting offers to customers in order to be successful.

Social Media Marketing

In the digital world, social media happens to be one of the most effective tools. This tool has a lot of potential and when properly utilized, can significantly influence the minds of customers. Social media can help you reach the type of customers that you exactly wish to communicate with. If you can spend a bit and hire expert social media marketers, you can get more leads – and therefore customers – within a very short time. When you have a large amount of followers, it is possible to catch more eyeballs with your content. You can ultimately end up getting many customers.

Email Marketing

This simply involves using emails as a means for advertising. It is a robust marketing medium that can be used to promote a Tour & Travel business. You may recruit a company or a major data researcher to make your assortment of profiles get across to numerous leads or potential customers who like to travel.

As far as email marketing is concerned, you can get the chance to reach out directly to many customers. This is much better and direct as compared to social media marketing where only a few followers are likely to view your posts, if not effectively strategized and implemented. However, since emails are more direct methods of communication, you need to make a very compelling offer. This will ensure that even if the recipient does not make a click on your email offer, he will not get out of your mailing list by opting out.

SMS Marketing

This is another effective way of digital marketing, and can be used to send contents directly to potential customers. SMS marketing can help you to reach thousands of customers with well-constructed SMS messages. You only have a short space to advertise your offers, and must include the main keywords about the destination, plan, pricing package etc, so that travelers can easily get an idea about what exactly you have on offer for them.

Blogs And Articles

Blogs or articles rich in keywords can attract many travelers online if you manage to write very compelling articles about gorgeous destinations and tourist attractions. It would be wise for you to avoid writing contents that are directly promotional. Instead, it is wiser that you try advertising in a more subtle way. Blogging, when done in an effective way, can allow you to reach targeted customers easily.

If you have made up your mind to test the waters with digital marketing, choosing a proper method of marketing that suits your business the most is definitely the first challenge. In order to make a proper choice, you should first get a proper understanding of every possible marketing method.