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Kolkata is popularly referred to as the City of Joy, as it is renowned for its trams, ambassador taxis, massive Howrah Bridge, Bengali sweets, and much more. However, when it comes to startup companies, unlike earlier, the city is currently getting many startup businesses set up by many promising capitalists, besides the existing ones. Here are the recently established startup businesses in Kolkata that will add an extra feather to its hat.

  1. BuyHatke

BuyHatke is the most renowned online price evaluation engine. It was started by budding capitalists Gaurav Dahake, Srikanth Sethumadhavan, and Prashant Singh. The business was set up with the main intention of countering the problem of discovering the best price for all products that are sold online. The business has heaved one million USD in seed funding.

  1. SIBIA Analytics

SIBIA Analytics is a cloud-hosted prognostic analytics solution start-up business, which was established by Angshuman Bhattacharya . It provides concurrent intelligence through profound prognostic modeling and offers resolution enabling tools. They mostly work with trade and customer brands.

  1. MindHour

MindHour is an ed-tech startup company, gamifying the education experience from class VI to class X students. These students can get high scores without much effort, as MindHour makes education addictive. The business is bootstrapped and it has administered to get 10,000 users.

  1. iKure Techsoft

It is a healthcare startup business. It designs technology that can be applied to offering healthcare services to the rustic people at affordable prices. The company, which is led by Sujay Santra, has urbanized domestic software, allowing remote people to get the required treatments where access to clinics and hospitals is restricted.

  1. Surgerica

It is one of the startup businesses in Kolkata, which was started by Amit Bhagat. The major aim of the business is to bring clearness to the healthcare industry in India. Users will be capable of browsing the website of the company to seek the best hospitals and doctors.

  1. Wow! Momo

The founders of Wow! Momo startup company are Binod Homagai and Sagar Daryani. It was started with the intention of transforming ‘momos’ into an expanded product category. This new portal guaranteed unsecured personal loans with the initial investment of INR 30,000, the business has now turned out to be the most profitable one in Kolkata. The company has plans to expand its outlets to 60 during the next couple of years. IAN or  Indian Angel Network publicized its venture in Kolkata-based ‘Wow! Momo’, which is valued at more than 16 million US Dollars.

  1. Outbox

Juvenile, first-time entrepreneurs established this Kolkata start-up business. Outbox is committed to offering a stress-free experience of delivery of cakes, gift items, as well as flowers in Kolkata. The business is operated by a call center, it has had a superior start, and it shows the potential to assume different routes for increasing and receiving the hyperlocal wave available in the Kolkata city. The coupon codes of the business will deliver an immense deal of reductions in prices on all items that customers may choose to purchase. The business is celebrated for delivering its products online throughout the world.

  1. Fashionove

Fashionove is one of the startup companies in the Indian city of Kolkata. It was jointly established by Tanushree Khandelwal and Sharad Kumar. It is a locality-based hyperlocal style search as well as a review gateway. The business is devoted to connecting buyers with local self-governing fashion boutiques and stores. The business has started in beta with more than 800 boutiques and it has raised an angel round from the Indian cricket celebrity, Umesh Yadav. Shoppers will be connected to renowned textile stores in the city to buy clothes according to the latest trends to fit their style, taste, and of course, their budget.

  1. Justshop24

Healthy rivalry in e-commerce is definitely a symptom of a promising tech ecosystem. JustShop24, which was established by Chetan Sethi, Utkarsh Lohia, and Porav Jain, is an e-commerce portal. With the nominal subscription of INR 175 per month, the business offers various services that go beyond the subscription amount.   It is committed to providing its customers with a professional and dedicated doorstep delivery service of groceries in Howrah and Kolkata. The business is bootstrapped and is dedicated to making in excess of 30 deliveries per day. Justshop24 has currently turned out to be the most sought-after online grocery destination amid many people in Kolkata. This is for the reason that it offers an attractive discount of 10% of the total billing cost.

  1. Packr and Paaltao

Packr and Paaltao are the two separate startup companies that were founded by the same capitalist, Aryan Das. These two businesses have the same origins. Packr is a logistics business that offers an on-demand service and assists customers significantly in delivering all items that are considered legal to all parts of India. On the other hand, Paaltao is also a start-up business that markets organic, handmade as well as vintage goods.