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Mobile App Marketing

With the increasing number of mobile users, the number of mobile apps has risen significantly. Any app is successful when it gets maximum downloads in Play Store – the place where one can download an app.

Downloading an app has become very simple today. All one needs to do is to go to Play Store and download the app required. The main strategy of any mobile app marketing company is to plan the right user perception about the app and does it meet user requirement and does it succeed in achieving customers.

Plan D provides mobile app marketing services such as advertising through mobile app through various sources such as digital marketing and online marketing. While having a mobile app is simple, the challenge is to make it popular by reaching out to customers.

See How We Can Help!

We make it happen for you. Plan D helps your app reach thousands of customers and promote it through our services. Our mobile marketing services include personalizing your app, suggest a name, YouTube demo videos, social media marketing, app reviews, keywords and app ratings.

Our marketing experts will suggest an explicit marketing plan that helps in connecting the app to multiple users through a marketing strategy. Given below are our mobile app marketing services.

App design: Any user gets interested in an app if the app icon is interesting and creative. Our design team monitors the app for its design, performance and user collaboration. Our expert team develops reliable apps for customers with an effort to create a unique icon.

App name: Along with the design, the app name should be unique, simple, short and creative to establish a brand. Our team suggests a name that suits the company and ensures rankings of the app periodically with specific keywords.

App Keywords: The main objective of our mobile app marketing services is keywords where our team researches about keywords and suggests the right keywords for the app to appear in search list of App store. Keywords increase the efficiency and appearance of app in search results.

Mobile optimization: One of our main objectives is app store optimization service that will render your app to be ranked best in the market. We have experts in app store optimization who can understand the market and the behavior of the user.

Social media marketing: Social media has evolved as the biggest marketing platform. Many companies are investing in digital media such as Facebook, Google ads, Twitter and online advertisements. Our digital marketing team will post ads on different social media platforms to gain maximum mileage.

App Reviews: Most users read reviews on popular websites to know more about a product. We help our customers in publishing app reviews on popular websites. Our media people are concerned with app reviews and promote apps.

YouTube Video: Digital videos add more impact to an ad. Reach increases massively when people watch YouTube videos on the platform for app marketing. Viewers subscribe to YouTube channels. We at Plan D create high-definition videos regarding app and promote it through YouTube channels and social media.

App Ratings: Rating an app on Play Store is a critical for the success of an app. Keywords play a major role and our experts work on it. App rating plays an important role to get maximum downloads.