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Lead Generation Service in Kolkata

Converting visitors to end customers is the ultimate challenge of any company. If you have traffic sans sales, what you need is a top rated lead generation company in Kolkata. You can do it by working on each page of the website and need to figure out what page of your website is actually saying about your products and services. If customers don’t stay on your page and move to other websites you can lose one of your precious customers. Plan D helps you build an interactive landing page so that customers get curious when they visit your website. building a flashy website won’t help in sales unless you generate leads out of it. Contact Plan D today for world-class online lead generation service in Kolkata!


  • Get Targeted Business Leads Daily At 50% Less CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).


  • No Spam. Proven Roadmap That Has Increased Business Leads by 150%.

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Strategies focused by Plan D

Driving Organic Traffic: We focus on ON Page and OFF page optimization to drive quality and relevant traffic to your website. All the relevant keywords are optimized so that website comes on the first page and leads are generated.

Pay-Per-Click: To get results instantly, Google Adwords play a critical role. You can set the target location to run ads and duration and competition can also be set.

Writing Blogs: We also focus on writing quality blogs to generate leads. Quality blogs play a vital role in getting the right leads.

Banner ads: Banners on websites play an important role in generating high traffic. Rate of banner depends on the space and the kind of traffic a website gets.

Email Marketing: With a relevant database, email marketing is one of the quickest ways to generate leads.

Benefits of Online Lead Generation

The benefits of online lead generation are:

  • More customers
  • Determining pricing according to the leads
  • Control the number of leads
  • Pay only for leads received
  • Selection of geographical area of the business