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PPC agency Kolkata

Driven by ROI

What is it?

Why Start PPC?

Pay-Per -Click (PPC) Advertising is an advertising model on the internet used by advertising networks, search engines and websites where advertisers pay when a user clicks on their advertisement.Generate instant sales and leads by professional PPC AdWords agency in Kolkata
While every business needs new customers to grow, it is important to do it in a cost effective manner. PPC management service gives a great boost to your SEO campaign as well. Get the best paid ads agency service experience in Kolkata and triple your business growth!


  • Get Targeted Leads Instantly At 50% Less CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).


  • AdWords certified team managing 100+ accounts monthly.

See How We Can Help!

Creation of a Successful Campaign

Creating the right PPC campaign requires a lot of research and analysis. We plan, create and structure your campaign in a manner that delivers the right customers for you.

Right and Effective Keyword Targeting

We strive to find the right keywords that help you gain the most of your advertising campaign without spending too much of your budget. Analyzing competition and other factors we target the keywords that help you reach your full potential.

Selection of Landing Page

Selection of a landing page is very much important for a PPC ad. We ensure that when somebody clicks your PPC ad, they are sent to a landing page with a strong call to action.

Writing ads

Writing engaging ads is of paramount importance for a successful campaign. We write ads that encourage users to click on them and transact.

On-Going Optimization

We don’t rest after creating a PPC ad campaign. We continuously optimize it to take it to great heights, delivering top customers at a great ROI.

Testing of Ads

Our team monitors the effectiveness of an ad and make sure it is running at its full efficiency. We continuously strive to raise the bar by A/B testing of several ads.

Reacting to Tends

User trends give us an idea as to how an ad needs change to be successful. We follow these trends to monitor where clicks are taking place and how an ad can be altered to gain maximum advantage.

Monitoring of Keywords

You want to ensure that your ad budget is spent wisely. We create ROI objectives and change bids accordingly based keywords that are driving the best traffic and conversions.

Reporting on PPC Performance

We make sure that you don’t need to guess about your PPC campaigns. Through our testing, we find out if there is any change in campaign or user trends and keep you updated and involved.

Insight on Search Budget

Our team provides you insight as to how your search budget is spent and what you are getting in return.

Conversion of data

We believe in the saying “Knowledge is Power”. When you know which ads and keywords are driving the best conversion for your business, you are able to make an informed and qualified decision

Instant access to data

We provide you with an online dashboard where you have instant access to all the data at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Plan D’s fees is based on your market, industry and competitive landscape. Our prices are cost-effective and we provide you customized pricing models.

What is the cost of a PPC campaign?

One of the best things about a PPC campaign is that you can set your own budget. Being one of the best SEO companies in Kolkata, we work within your budget to deliver quality traffic that converts. If you are unsure of your budget, we provide you data and guidance to deliver results.

How Quickly Are The Results Delivered?

Immediately. PPC advertising delivers instant traffic to your website. With time as we gather data on the campaign results, we are able to shift your budget to areas that are achieving greater results. Hence, we improve your ROI.

What are your PPC platforms?

Plan D conducts PPC campaigns on Google and Bing ads. Search traffic is primarily controlled by these two platforms and we encourage our clients to advertise on these two platforms as search traffic quality deteriorates on other search engines.

Why Plan D?

Our team boasts of qualified Google and Bing Paid search specialists whose goal is to provide clients the best return on their budget. PPC campaign requires expertise and we ensure we have the best persons to take care of your campaign.