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It’s time once again for the SEO industry to gear up for changes that will possibly come in 2017. Here are some predictions that the SEO landscape is expected to witness this year.

Rise in Voice Search

Experts predict that there will be a significant rise in voice search in 2017 and will add on the top of desktop and typed mobile search. As of now there are about 20 to 25% of mobile queries are voice. However, in May 2016 Google had said that it was 20% whereas in September 2010 they had said the percentage to be 25. This could mean two things – either the old number was wrong or voice remained relatively flat. Voice search will be a high-risk technology shift in the SEO world.

Google: Top referrer of website traffic

Another prediction is that Google will continue to be the top referrer of website traffic and will continue to dominate the web world as far as web traffic is concerned. It will a herculean effort from Facebook, Amazon or Snapchat to make inroads into the traffic pie.

Little acquisition or IPO activity and exit of a major SEO software player

It is to be noted that SEO has remained a small player in the world of software. A vast majority of companies and their tools are unfunded and private with a few larger players. It is because there are very entrepreneurs who have chosen the option to have VC-backed billions to pursue higher success and survival rates as offered by small investors. The market believes that there will be very little IPO activity or acquisition from martech players and there will be an exit of one major SEO software player. The exit could trigger a wave of consolidation and an IPO would make the field more interesting.

Paid search ads in featured snippets, carousels and knowledge graph

In the bygone year, Google had started displaying shopping ads in image search and came up with ads in local packs. Apart from this, it also increased the number of ads in Adwords to 4. In spite of this, paid CTRs have remained flat. It is anticipated that in this year, the search engine giant will offer paid search advertisements in featured snippets along with carousels and knowledge graph.

Amazon search to have 4% or even greater Google’s web search volume

According to a survey, Amazon is beating Google in web search as far as product searches are concerned with consumers searching for products directly on the former’s site. It is believed that in 2017, Amazon will significantly grow their search penetration and volume in 2017 and by the end of this year could have 4% or even greater that Google’s web search volume.

Twitter to remain independent and be the most popular network for influencers and publishers

Though the growth of Twitter has been tepid, thanks to trolls and abuse on the platform, it seems the platform would remain independent and the most powerful network for influencers and publishers to share and converse. Twitter will also remain independent as the premium asked by the company is too expensive.

Experts believe that in 2017 voice search will witness a rise and Google will still be a top referrer of website traffic. It is also believed that Twitter will remain an independent and popular platform for publishers and influencers.