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Before the nineteenth century, people were used to distributing the flyer and roam around the city with a microphone to spread their brand names. However, recent online marketing plans are completely different. As the word ‘online’ is dominating the world, people are impressively attached with the term. Befitting with that fact, most of the businessmen are opting for online marketing. If you want to grow your business widely, you should try the effective digital marketing strategies immediately.

According to researches, there are several tried and tested tactics to make your brand’s online presence successful. Here are the top five digital marketing strategies, which you can apply in your start-up.

E-Mail Marketing:

Though many people think that e-mails are useless, in digital marketing e-mails plays a great role in promoting your brand or service. By availing this amazing strategy, you can easily earn a handsome profit in your business because e-mails help you in reaching the maximum numbers of targeted customers easily. Though opting for e-mail marketing is highly effective in many ways to your brand, there are various people who failed to make the most of it, while others are excelling this policy.

Some Tips for Successful E-mail Marketing:

  • The subject line is the key of your e-mail. Therefore, make it catchy by putting the maximum effort in it.
  • Do not use complicated phrases. The best way to reach the customers is to write it in clear font with simple language.
  • Use bullets and subheads tactfully.
  • Describe the advantages and facilities that you are going to provide.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to optimize the e-mails for mobile phones.

Social Media Marketing:

If you want to present your brand in front of a wide range of audiences, then social media marketing is the best suitable option for you. It is a quite popular and effective marketing strategy in present internet-oriented era.

According to the recent reports, it is proved that most of the businessmen prefer to opt for social media marketing to grow their business online.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • It generates traffic on your website.
  • Create your brand’s positive impression.
  • It offers leads and improves the search ranking of your page in Google and other search engines.
  • Helps in earning more profit.


When you search on Google to get your queries sorted, then you may see that several ads are popping on the screen. These ads are all coming due to the Pay-per-click promotion. You can also run your own add on Google by paying a minimum charge to Google.

The Advantages of Pay-Per-Click:

  • As you have to pay when the customers are clicking on the ad, the chance of costing a great amount of money at a single time is low and you can also decide how much you want to spend on per click.
  • In this ad, you can sort your audience according to your preference.
  • In the PPC campaign, you can easily measure your profit by determining how much you are spending and what you are getting back as your profit.
  • While other SEO techniques take at least months to give the best result, PPC is able to offer you the maximum outcome almost immediately.
  • Through this campaign, you can instantly reach to the customers when they click on the ad.

Keep the fact in your mind, PPC can exhaust your money rapidly, you have to be more careful and attentive at the time of managing it.

Search Engine Optimization:

Are you thinking that developing a website and including the services is enough to get a visitor on your site? If your answer is yes, then you are mistaken. There are several other things, which control the traffic on the websites. Have you ever imagined how your site will appear on the first page of the Google while there are various other sites like of yours? By availing the SEO service, you can gain traffic on your website and your website can appear on Google. In addition, when your website is ranking on the first page of Google, it creates a positive impression of your brand.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer market is the best option, while your chief concern is to target a specific audience rather than the rest of audiences. In this marketing strategy, businessmen hire professional influencer to say your words.

Nowadays, influencer marketing goes hand in hand with the other two types of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Most of the influencer marketing is associated with various social media activities to spread your business worldwide.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • As influencers have already their own fan, while you are sharing your words through them, they are building trust for your brand by utilizing their followers.
  • Improves your brand’s Awareness.