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Website Design & Development

Your company’s website is the most important element of your marketing plan. It is the hub of your content marketing and messaging efforts. The objective should be driving traffic to your website. Today you have more marketing and digital tools for designing and developing your website.

Blogs, social media and mobile allow you to convert your audience by driving them to a website with a constructive user-experience. We at Plan D work with you to develop a user experience that delivers value to the audience. Value refers to referrals and repeat visits using social media and various other channels. With our years of experience and research, Plan D’s web design and development solutions are customized that help your achieve your marketing goals.

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UI and Web Design

Our in-house experience and award-winning graphic designers understand that the functionality, usability and visualization are the three important and vital factors of a website. We make sure that your digital marketing goals are aligned with the design we create.

We have constantly streamlined our process and over the years, our primary focus has been to get the target audience. We design and develop concepts that will exceed your marketing goals.

We offer the following services that fit your company’s budget and needs:

  • Website design
  • Custom application with interface design
  • Custom Drupal and WordPress website designs

Designing Blogs & RSS Integration

Blogs and RSS feeds are two ways for expanding quality content for your website.

A blog can either be a website or an addition to the existing website that allows you to manage and display content with regular entries written by your company. The popularity of blogs has risen over the years as they easily allow users to update content and apply content to social media campaigns. With keyword rich terms, they have a positive impact on your website’s SEO. Blogs with content marketing have become a very important aspect of a digital marketing strategy.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are used to pull content from other websites to be displayed as a resource on your website. RSS feeds are a great way to add vital content to your website without having resources to write it. The feeds can be developed to send web content and articles to other websites that allows enhanced SEO. We at Plan D work with the following RSS feeds and blogs:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • XML solutions and custom RSS
  • Drupal RSS modules

Integration of Social Media

One can easily access social media tools and proper planning is required to use them to their full potential. Tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can easily enhance marketing efforts with the website acting as the central hub. Content posted with these tools can be easily integrated into RSS feeds and blogs automatically streamlining the content marketing efforts.

Content Development and Marketing

Content is one of the most important aspects of a website. We provide content development services such as content writing, editing, keyword analysis and site map development. Content marketing is vital for a digital marketing campaign and successful digital marketing plans are great as the content you write and the tools you use to produce them. It requires a continuous flow of fresh content. Not only this, you need a content management system to keep pace with today’s marketing world.

Maintenance of Website

This is another service provided by us to our clients. With this service, we send you recommendations that help you reach your marketing goals and add additional pages that help you in your SEO efforts. We provide this service to all our clients (new and existing) even if we have not developed your website. Our website maintenance service includes:

  • Website content update
  • Land page design
  • Expansion of website
  • Website audit
  • Hosting plan analysis